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Tripawd Life Begins

Here’s what happened during my first 24+ hours as a Tripawd! Honestly, I don’t remember a lot of it!

Surgery day:

I was SNOWED! Mommy and Daddy say I stayed overnight with the vet, but that they visited me for snuggles and to leave one of Daddy’s shirts so I’d feel more at home. Psh, I couldn’t even keep my tongue in my mouth, let alone care what was happening!

Post-op Day 1:

I stood up on my own when I heard it was time to go home, but these awesome vet techs escorted me in style since it would be a long walk! Clearly, I was still feeling a little loopy…

I left the hospital with a vet-wrapped bandage to keep everything secure. Mommy held me in place for the car ride with my nifty sling! Boy, was I happy to snuggle again! Daddy even stopped at Starbucks so I could have a cup of icy water. Mmm!

I had a nice pee when I got home! Daddy tried to help me walk, but I was feeling confident…

Just needed some water along the way!

I refused to stay off the couch, despite numerous warnings that I might get stuck. Admittedly, I did get stuck, but we all worked it out. A little ice helped me feel better!

Daddy brought me a special dinner in my bed! I ate two whole cans of wet food! My new bowl hadn’t arrived yet so he fed me from Roxbury’s extra dish… I think she got confused, because as soon as I took a break she stole the rest!

After dinner, Mommy changed my dressing. She used sterile saline and gauze to pat it clean, and then put a diaper on me all funny. She said it would catch any extra drainage, but I wasn’t a fan. (Mommy reports that the yellow on the bandage is furazone.)

By nighttime, I was feeling really tired but just couldn’t get comfortable. I tried cuddling with Daddy in bed, and in my bed, and couldn’t make it happen. I’d peed a ton, pooped once, and yelped a few times. I was panting a lot, wide-eyed, and felt kind of lost and confused. Mommy and Daddy took shifts with me (mostly Daddy!) because I didn’t sleep all night.

In total on my first day and night home, I had gabapentin 300mg q12h, carprofen 50mg q12h, an antibiotic in the evening, and two doses of subcutaneous buprenorphine. In hindsight, I think the buprenorphine made me a bit crazy, because by the time it started to wear off the next day, I felt like a new dog…


Published by wanderlustloki

Hi! I'm Loki! My mom adopted me in January 2012, and we've been best friends ever since (Dad doesn't mind). She tells me that I was really sick with Lyme disease when we first met, and I guess that's why I always feel a little sore. In 2016, though, my right paw started to hurt really bad, and even though I thought licking it might help, I just felt worse and worse. Mom and Dad brought me to the vet four times, and finally in January 2017, one of the vet techs pushed right on the spot I'd been trying to lick... owww! Soon enough, Mom brought me back to the vet for a long nap, and when I woke up, my paw felt tingly but not as painful. The vet said I had a big tumor that was wrapped around a nerve, and that even though I'd probably feel a little weird, cancers like mine (grade 2 hemangiopericytoma) are often cured with resection. We all hoped I'd feel better soon, and despite negative met-checks, I kept licking and limping. On July 1, 2017, my paw was feeling worse than ever. When Mom sat down next to me that night, I reached out to her and held my paw up so she would understand... and she did! She started telling Dad that she noticed a lump under my carpal pad. She sounded really scared, and Dad got upset, too. On Monday, July 3rd, we all went back to the vet to see what was happening. The vet confirmed that my cancer had returned. Mom and Dad talked with him and an oncologist for awhile, and then they asked me if I wanted to get rid of the stupid foot... of course I agreed! Mom and Dad said my foot would finally stop hurting on July 10th! We all agreed that it was getting in the way, plus the oncologist said becoming a tripawd would be a 95% cure for my cancer. He even said I wouldn't need radiation or chemotherapy! Mom and Dad were really worried, but they were glad I found this community so that we wouldn't be alone. Now that I've been living the tripawd life, I can say that all the promises were true! I still get sore every so often, but I get massages and sometimes a peanut butter-covered treat that makes it all better, and really the soreness is nothin' like that stupid paw! All in all, I've been living the good life. Hopping on three, demanding wrestling and play time with Daddy, and even going out hiking. What's better than that?!

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  1. Looking great there Loki! I remember how intense those first few days were! So happy to hear you’re beginning to feel like a “new dog” already! Keep these good reports coming! I sure can tell you’re loved…..ALOT! Hugs and kisses sweet Loki!

  2. Well done little darling! You have incredible pawrents! My Stewie is into his third week of recovery and he’s a real inspiration! Best of luck.
    Stewie & gang.

    1. Thanks so much! Loki is also in his 3rd week, doing incredibly well now. I’m just slow with the updates! Good luck with Stewie, and I’m glad he’s doing better. If I remember the post correctly, he and Loki both spent their first nights home really distressed. It’s amazing watching them adapt!

  3. Awwww Loki! You are SUCH a handsome boy and I just love that look on your face that tells all the world that you totally know just how loved and treasured you are. I love that pic of you on the trolley, and being served your tea in bed. Such a sweet and gentle boy. You melt my heart, Loki. I’m delighted you are doing so well ❤️

  4. You are rockin’ it Loki! I am stunned and so hoppy that you peed, pooped AND ate the same day you came home WOW! Seriously, that is the sign of a dog who will do just fine on 3. Your pawsome pawrents help there too. YAY!

    Hope this weekend is being good and relaxing to all of you. Keep us posted!

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