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Gratitude… and a Portrait fit for a King

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Hi Tripawds Family!

I am so thankful for all of your support over the last few days. I can feel your collective arms and paws embracing me with love, guiding me once again as I begin a new phase of this journey. And as I felt when we began our Tripawd adventure, I don’t know where I’d be without your empathy, shared tears, and the wisdom of all of you who have been here before. So again, thank you.

In celebration and memory of Loki’s life, I found a wonderful artist to make a portrait of my handsome boy! He used several reference photos to create this beautiful portrait, which captures Loki’s affectionate gaze, jubilant smile, and the three wonderful legs that carried him through his senior years. I hope you all can share in my joy over this painting!

With love and gratitude,

Brittnie (and family!)


The artist is Daniel Stas of STASgallery on Etsy and @stasgallery on Instagram. I was so impressed by his artistry, professionalism, and efficiency that I wanted to share with anyone who might be interested.

Loki Celebrates in Valhalla after a Hard but Beautiful Life

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Loki Celebrates in Valhalla after a Hard but Beautiful Life

On Monday, Loki hopped himself all the way to the stream, insisting that I come on an adventure with him. In the moment, it felt like he was taking me for one more trek. Lately, he’d only go a few feet from the door. He’s passed the recent months lounging on the couch or in the sun.
This week, he was adamant that Alex and I stay within his line of sight, if not within paw’s reach, following us to the kitchen, bathroom, shower, and wherever we sat.
Friday, he repeatedly woke me from my pre-work nap as if to say, “stay home with me”. It was hard to leave, and I asked Alex to tell him I loved him after I drove away.
On my lunch break, Alex called to say that Loki’s legs suddenly gave out, and he was floppy. He couldn’t move without substantial help, or even really go to the bathroom. He seemed at least to have no sense of pain anymore. Over 3 years of life as a tripawd, an old history of Lyme disease, and over a decade of life in general, had left him with chronic discomfort that was only minimized by the few medications his sensitive body could tolerate.
I rushed home to be with my best friend. We slept snuggled in Loki’s favorite spot on the couch. In the morning, he ate two breakfasts like the king he was. Even Phineas, typically intolerant of his big brother, cuddled up one last time.
We didn’t want Loki to struggle in the car, or spend his final moments nervous, so hospice veterinarian Dr. Chan from Peaceful Paws LA came to our home without hesitation. Loki was excited to greet his visitor with some happy sniffs, and then settled into my lap for another nap. Dr. Chan put us all at ease, and helped give him the peaceful passing that he so deserved. Although I’m struggling to process life without him, I am relieved that we were able to give Loki the gift of comfort, dignity, and serenity at the end of his life.
After Loki’s death, we had a huge hail storm with thunder and lightning (in Southern California). I imagine he’s celebrating in Valhalla and already causing mischief in the universe. He took a piece of me with him, but he is alive within my heart and mind. I love and miss him more than words can express. The world won’t be the same without Loki, but he was ready to leave us.
Loki was the gentlest, kindest, and purely good soul I’ve ever known. I don’t know why he chose me, but I’m so grateful for every moment we shared in the almost nine years since we met at a small animal shelter in Connecticut. I promised I’d try my hardest to give him the best life, and I know he gave that to me and more.
We haven’t been active much on the forums over the years, but can’t express just how much this community has helped us in navigating Loki’s journey as a tripawd. Thank you to all of you who shared advice, products, experiences, or just reached out to check on Loki and cheer him on. Loki’s tripawd journey officially began on July 10th, 2017, and ended on Saturday, November 11th, 2020. However, we will forever be part of the Tripawds Community, and hope that Loki’s journey gives hope and inspiration to others who are just beginning the path of tripawd life, especially those with senior or big dogs.

With love,

Brittnie, Alex, Phineas, Callie, Figaro, Chia, Moo, and most of all, Spirit Loki

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