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My life before cancer

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I don’t bother talking about my life before Mommy, but the short story is that I was found wandering in a field in a suburban city in New England. The shelter I lived in for 5 months was full of the nicest people who gave me food and love, but they didn’t have any funding for most medical care. I mostly sat around in a crate, waiting for anybody to come find me. I first met Mommy in January, 2012, when she came to the shelter to look at a different dog. It was love at first sight for me, so I decided that instead of barking like all the other dogs, I’d sit suuuuper close to the front of my crate and wag my tail until she noticed. It worked! Here’s my barely-contained excitement when the animal control officer brought me out for my test walk with Mommy!

This is me on my adoption day! I was so relieved to go home! Mommy says I had really bad Lyme disease, and I could barely climb into her small car. The shelter told her I was around 1 or 2, but I’m a few years older than that. I just have boyish good looks, I guess!

This is my first time sleeping on Mommy’s bed. I’ve been nesting ever since!

Between chronic Lyme and allergies, my paws have always been a little sensitive. With my booties (I’ve since upgraded to Ruffwear), I’ve been able to adventure in style and comfort!

I’ve even completed a few 5k races with Mommy!

After Mommy brought Daddy home, we all decided to move west to California. I’ve been on so many adventures with them!

Here’s a few more pictures of my adventures!

At the end of the day, though, I’m a total cuddly couch potato!

Even though my paws have been tender and my hips have grown arthritic, I’ve been a happy, laid back guy from the moment I found my forever home. That is, until the day my leg turned bad…

Meet my Family!

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This is my 15 year old sister, Roxbury! We call her Meeps.

This is my wild outside cat sister, Callie! She loves me but she hates Phineas!

This is crazy Moo, back when we first adopted him. He looks way more handsome now, but I like this picture of us together!

This is Chia! He likes to sniff my butt, so we don’t have any normal pictures of us together.

This is my stinky little brother, Phineas. He only pretends to like me, and he howls a lot. And he eats poop. Mom and Dad say he has a traumatic brain injury, but I think he’s just a jerk.

This is Daddy’s dog, Zaia. She’s been living with Grandma and Grandpa ever since their dog crossed the rainbow bridge. She’s a Carolina dog!

This is Symphony! She crossed the rainbow bridge last year, but I love her enough to share with you.

This is Figaro! As you can see, he’s a total weirdo. We don’t take pictures together because he tries way too hard to play with me. No offense, but I don’t want to wrestle with a 900lb doofus!

This is Daddy!!! I love him sooo much and I’m so glad Mommy let us keep him!

And this is Mommy! She’s my best friend!

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